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#GoWallaceGroup: Meet John Gatti

#GoWallaceGroup | John Gatti

Wallace Group Home & Loan  would like to extend a warm welcome to John Gatti!

A few things to know about John:

  • City he was Born in: Bayshore, N.Y., on Long Island, in the suburbs of New York City.  It was a wonderful place to grow up, and I appreciate all of the cultural experiences that living there afforded me.
  • Enjoy working in what areas of Memphis?: I enjoy working in all of the suburban areas of Memphis, as well as East Memphis, Midtown, and Downtown, but I have sold houses as far away as Covington and Saulsbury!  I will travel to wherever I need to to help my clients purchase the home they want.
  • Spouse: My wonderful wife’s name is Debbie, and we will be married for 25 years in June. 
  • Pet: We have 1 toy poodle named Brighton.
  • Previous Profession: In my previous profession, I was a hairstylist and business owner.  Then and now, I love working with my clients!
  • Hobbies: As far as hobbies go, music has always been a big part of my life. I have been a singer since I was a child, singing in church.  I have sung as a soloist, in groups, and I play keyboards.  I enjoy public speaking, and have participated in community theater, as well.  I also enjoy working in the yard, digging in the dirt, and nurturing my plants and shrubs!  
  • Favorite Memphis Restaurant: My favorite Memphis restaurant is Flight. 
  • Business Mantra: My business mantra is, “work smarter, not harder.”  Efficiency maximizes results, and provides balance in life.
  • I chose Wallace Group Home & Loan because: The Wallace family has developed a wonderful brokerage in Arlington with an emphasis on the local communities, and white glove service.  It’s a very good fit for me.
  • 2 Favorite Places in Memphis: One of my favorite places in Memphis is the river.  I have always lived near a coast, so moving to Memphis was different for me, but the river gives me my water “fix.” Walking along the river, or anyplace with a river view, is a happy place.  Another favorite is the Peabody Hotel.  I love the beauty of it’s architecture, and the peaceful and charming environment, not to mention the unique duck parade.  Actually, so many buildings in downtown Memphis have beautiful architecture, and that is something that I really enjoy.

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